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Social Enterprise for Small Businesses

Social enterprises are businesses which have the goal of creating something on a social level. It might be a co-operative farming project. It might be a non-profit organization with the goal of creating learning opportunities for young and troubled youths. Whatever the goal, if profit is a secondary concern to creating a community around the enterprise, then chances are it could be incorporated as a social enterprise.

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Fiscal Sponsorship for Non-Profits

While starting out a project, it is not possible to get tax exempt status immediately. In such a situation, it requires the help of an organization which has already acquired the status of 501(c)(3) and will act as its fiscal sponsor. The duties of this fiscal sponsor include providing necessary oversight, financial management, and other administrative services to help the project grow.

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How to Microfinance your Small Business

When an entrepreneur is looking to start up or expand their small business, it can prove to be quite a difficult process that requires plenty of funding. Without the proper financial resources, it becomes impossible to achieve all that you wish to with your new business. But you must remember that there are a number of alternate ways you can fund your venture. As of recently, microfinancing has been gaining popularity as more and more small businesses turn to this effective means of funding.

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Securing Patent Grants

We’ve designed this article to give you a short overview of the patent grant system. Patents are important within the world of innovation. They make sure that an inventor is credited with their work, and protected financially and legally. As an innovator, inventor or businessperson, you’ll need a strong understanding of the patent system.

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The Grant Life Cycle

Receiving grants is more than just a case of making money. In fact, it can be the difference between studying and researching and not doing anything at all. Grants are a lifeline to the student beyond their monetary value. That’s why it’s incredibly important to understand the life cycle of grants. Understanding this cycle, which we’ll give you the power to do within this article, will allow you to better organize, plan and execute your ambitions for receiving grants.

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The Top Federal Grant Agencies

Grants, as most people are familiar with, are funds which are disbursed by one party to another. Usually a government organization, grants are non-refundable and can help people to fulfill their proposal of a better society and a better world. The organizations decide on whom to award grants according to the strength of their proposal and after evaluating the potential advantages a society can reap from the idea.

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How to Secure a Research Grant

As a student at a university or a partner in a research project being carried out by a group, it is common to not be able to fund the entire research project by yourself. There often remain certain aspects of the project that are actually quite expensive and cannot be funded by average students or researchers. So if you are falling short of the required amount in order to start your project, then your sights must be set in obtaining a research grant. The process of searching and applying for one can be tedious, but we are here with an overview of what you should do when looking for a research grant.

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Grants for International Students

Choosing to become an international student is a tough choice. You are essentially deciding whether to move to a whole new world, away from your family and with all the pressures of rigorous study whilst you do so. Fortunately, there are many options and resources that will help you finance your education, including grants set aside specifically for international students.

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How to Write Grant Proposals

Proposal writing can be quite time consuming if you do not have the hang of it. Finding the right grant is difficult in itself and when you do get it, completing the rest of the documentation process can be a difficult challenge. Whether you want it for an organization or a business – writing grant proposals can be an easy thing to learn if you have the proper guidelines. Read on to get a better idea of the process involved in writing a grant proposal.

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Affordable K-12 Online Education

K12 рrоvіdеѕ nеаrlу 200 hіgh school courses dеѕіgnеd to hеlр each ѕtudеnt find his оr hеr own раth and fоllоw іt tо роѕt-hіgh ѕсhооl ѕuссеѕѕ—whеthеr thаt’ѕ іn соllеgе or іn the workforce. Englіѕh, mаth, ѕсіеnсе, аnd history соurѕеѕ аrе offered at multiple lеvеlѕ—Cоrе, Cоmрrеhеnѕіvе, Honors, Advаnсеd Plасеmеnt, Remediation, and Credit Rесоvеrу—tо meet the nееdѕ of dіvеrѕе learners.

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Where to Find Grant Proposal Samples

People that regularly apply for grants know all little secrets, have grand proposal examples and know which keywords and phrases work, and which should never be used. However, things are really hard for the ones that are just starting or are applying for a Grant Scheme they have never applied before. Our purpose is to recommend you various quality sources and ideas on where to find grant proposal examples.

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Searching for Graduate School Grants Online

When it comes to financing your graduate education, you have a number of different options – everything from scholarships and loans to fellowships and grants. Of these, grants are easily the most desirable part of the overall funding mix because, unlike loans, they do not need to be paid back. The drawback, however, is that they are extremely competitive and often require you to meet specific guidelines and rules before this money can be disbursed to you.

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