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Billions of dollars are now easily available to many Americans!

Spending Too Much On Your Electric Bill?
Learn how to reduce electric cost with assistance programs and practical ways to save!

Affordable Housing Guides

It is important to know your options when you are in need of assistance. There are my guides that offer information on the options for assistance that may be available to you.

Helpful Resources & Assistance Programs:

  • The reality of Section 8
  • Housing Grants Programs
  • Public Housing Programs
  • How To Find Affordable Housing
  • Eviction & Bad Landlord Assistance
  • FHA & Affordable Loans Programs
  • Bad Credit Home Loans
  • And Much More!

These affordable housing guides are available to people who need them. Join the this housing resource site to get more information.

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Unemployment Resources & Guides

Unemployed and looking for ways to save money? Find out how to save money on housing, food, car and health insurance and more. Learn how to cut costs and save money on electricity, and find coupon programs that’ll help keep you and your family healthy. Getting back on track can be tough, but there are lots of programs out their to help you get there.

Helpful Resources & Assistance Programs You Could Have Access To:

  • Government Assistance Program Information
  • Help With Finding Paying Jobs
  • Education & Training Assistance
  • Tips on How To Save Money
  • Financial Planning Help
  • And Much More!

These beneficial resources are available to people who need them.

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Are You Struggling To Get Food On Your Table?

In 2016, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) supplied over 44 million Americans with an average monthly benefit of $125.40 per person, and total benefits of $66.5 billion. SNAP offers assistance to eligible, low-income individuals. The Food and Nutrition Service works to provide eligible people with the information to make decision about applying for the programs.

Learn more about how to apply for government food programs, the best ways to save money at the grocery, and other ways to find food benefits!

Food Benefits Helped Over 44 Million in 2016!

Learn More About Free Food Help For Your Family.