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$3 Billion in Pell Grants are Unclaimed Every Year by Eligible Students

Grant Funding and Assistance
Billions of dollars are now easily available to many Americans

As a student at a university, or a partner in a research project carried out by a group, it is common to not be able to fund the entire project by yourself. There often remain certain aspects of the project that are actually quite expensive and cannot be funded. Without the conduction of these innovative searches by groups of majors, the process of technological advancement and progress would halt in its steps.

That is exactly why several government affiliated organizations and others offer students money grants. The goal is to facilitate their research so that it will benefit the country or the world as a whole. So if you are falling short of the required amount in order to start your project, set your sights on obtaining a research grant. The process of searching and applying for one can be tedious, but we have provided an overview of what you should do when looking for a research grant.

Searching for a Grant or Funder

The first step should be for you to search for a funding scheme that works for the project you plan on conducting. You must keep in mind your area of research and look for a grant in that particular area. For example, if your research is related to bioengineering, you must search for a funding program in that particular field only. For medicine related research projects, you can even look to apply for grants at the National Institute of Health. Find these grants on their website, including the eligibility criteria and application process.

Another place you can find research grant opportunities is the online webpage of your university. They generally display a list of the institute’s benefactors and sponsors as well as mention names of any organizations that provide grants for research projects specifically to their students.

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Types of Grants


There are several charity organizations that provide grants for research. Often these include studies that generate knowledge, are being worked on for the public good, and support the cause they promote. There are several charity funders out there, so search for one that covers your research.

Research Councils

Research councils are government sponsored and invest millions every year in order to help students complete their study. They will help you publish, buy equipment, material, samples, and other resources.

National Institute of Health

As mentioned before, the United States Institute of Medical research supports a wide range of health related projects. They also offer several funding opportunities related to their twenty-seven departments.

Application Process

Like any other grant, you have to be eligible in order to apply. You will submit the respective application in accordance to the institute that is providing you with the award money. Discuss how large of an amount you would like to request and also be able to justify the need. You may take help from your financial officer to interpret the last few parts of your application that concern your financial requirements for your project resources.

Your Research Facilitator can aid you in filling out the rest of the application accordingly. It is critical that you are highly familiar with the field you are applying to obtain a grant for and also know enough about the line of research you have chosen.

Once the application is filled, you can forward it to the Research Services in your institute for approval and authorization, and later it will be forwarded to the funder once approved.

*And always remember to stay at least five days ahead of the deadline of submission in case it may need some reviews or changes!

Want to Go to College?
$3 Billion in Pell Grants are Unclaimed Every Year by Eligible Students

Grant Funding and Assistance
Billions of dollars are now easily available to many Americans